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The Amtower Report

Volume 7, #10, November 7, 2008

(The Amtower Report is an e-journal on the Business-to-Government market featuring the opinions of Mark Amtower, and occasionally reader comments. This newsletter is only sent to those who request it. Sign up for your free subscription at and if you like this newsletter, please pass it along to your colleagues. To unsubscribe, see directions below. The newsletter is posted each Monday at, and the latest “Off-Center Observations” is on the home page. All back issues are available at

In this issue:
Amtower Off-Center Observations
The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: Election Results
Events Worth Attending
Amtower on the Radio- WFED


Item: Quote/thought for the day:  Each of us has had the co-worker who claims responsibility for anything that goes right, the hindsight prescience to humbly seek kudos for work performed by others. (Amtower, in Why Epiphanies Never Occur to Couch Potatoes.)Item:

Item: Free Amtower teleseminar on Thought Leadership Tuesday Nov 11 at 2 PM. Details at

Item: My Nov 10 radio show covers various issues facing women in our market. Guests are Marie Russell (founder, Executive Pie), Cynthia de Lorenzi ( and Kathy Korman Frey ( )  - and this is a great show – tune in at noon Monday on 1500 AM – Federal News Radio or listen at your desk on .

Item: is the premier web site for maintaining your knowledge base in what works in our market. Take a look.

Item: One of the items I have been addressing in my recent presentations and teleseminars is the power of the Web 2.0 tools, especially social networks. While LinkedIn is my focal point here, I have joined about ten social networks that face certain portions of the government market. These networks are already big, and if you are not on any of them – start with LinkedIn and connect with me -

Take a good look at my profile, my connections and my groups. Then sign up for the teleseminar mentioned above and in Events below to learn more about them.

Not that I have an opinion.


With the election behind us, along with campaign hyperbole, we are all sitting on the sidelines waiting to see what happens next. Many statements were made about government contractors by several candidates over the past 2 years, and very little of what was said reflected the reality of the situation: government cannot run without the direct support on the contracting community, and this includes government jobs being performed by contractors in government facilities.

Stan Soloway will address this issue at the upcoming Government Marketing Forum (see events, below).

The bottom line is there is no way the feds can do all the work required of them without contractors. And there is no doubt that as long as that is the case that there will be some problems, which will be exacerbated by being sensationalized in major media.

What we can assume is the Federal government will not spend less money and that the safest place to be in this economy is our market.


Beware of the SCHLOCK EVENT PRODUCERS, producing minimal value events that eat your money with no significant return! The events listed below are among those I think are worth your time, money and effort. Just because an event is not listed below does not imply it is not worth attending. If you want my opinion on a specific event or producer, call me. This topic is addressed more thoroughly in the members section at

November 11, 2008, 2 PM.  Free Amtower teleseminar – details at
(Replays 8 PM Tuesday and Web, Nov 12 at 8 PM, all time Eastern) 

Nov 14, 2008, 6-9 PM, Eighth Annual Heroines in Technology Gala on Friday, November 14, at 6:00 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Reston, Virginia

November 17, 2008, 6-9 PM Government Marketing Forum   featuring Stan Soloway on the new administration.

December 10, 2008, 8 AM – Social Media and the Press presented by Welz and Weisel Communications. or contact Kristine Gager at or at 703-218-3555

2009 from  FBC- -Over 100 Conferences and IT Expos announced! 

2009 – all year – the Amtower Thought Leadership Coaching group -

March 10-12, 2009, FOSE,

March 10-11, 2009, GovSec

AMTOWER OFF CENTER - WFED – 1500 AM, Monday at noon.

Recent showsLavailable in the Audio Archives -

Recent Amtower guests include Stan Soloway (PSC), networking maven Ardell Fleeson, Matthew Arozian (ENC Marketing), Joan Daly (Daly Associates), Beth Wingate (Lohfeld Consulting Group).

Other Amtower guests have included mega-best seller Ken Blanchard, David Meerman Scott, Robert W Bly, Chip Conley, Jason Alba, Michael Stelzner, Larry Tracy, Debbie Weil, Dick Stieglitz and a total of over 100 guests from all aspects of our market.

Amtower Off-Center airs Monday at Noon on WFED 1500 AM in Washington, DC and is simulcast and archived on Tune in to the best show for the government contracting community. The archives now have over 68 shows covering a variety a topics, many of which you will find events for out there that will charge you money. I have many of the most knowledgeable people in the market on my show and it is FREE! Check out the Audio Archives at .

As always, your comments, questions and suggestions are welcome.

Mark Amtower

The Amtower Report is published by Amtower & Company, and is written for companies targeting the government marketplace. The opinions expressed are those of Mark Amtower unless otherwise noted. Contact us at Amtower & Company, PO Box 314, Highland, MD 20777-0314 (301-924-0058). This material is copyrighted and may not be duplicated, reprinted or otherwise replicated without written permission of the publisher. Email subscriptions are free by request: sign up at

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